Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Morning Update...

I think Isabella had a good night...she wasn't crying in pain at all even when she was turned. This morning was a different story! She didn't want to be moved, touched or even talked too...she had a permanent frown on her face that I rarely see. She finally fell back to sleep after she got three of her pain medications (which were due right at the shift change...never a good thing). The neurosurgery PA's were in and moved her around a bit which didn't help things. She's scheduled for an MRI this morning but we're not sure what time, which stinks because it means no food or fluid until it's over. Poor baby is starving! Later this afternoon, she'll have an x-ray with her brace on, which is supposed to get here around lunch time. Hopefully we'll be moved out of ICU and onto the regular floor after her MRI but we'd be fine staying here too, since the nurses each have only two patients.
Bruce just got the boys off to school and will come here later today with them if she gets moved off of ICU. I could use a nice long nap and a hot shower about now, but I'm afraid that will have to wait.


Colleen said...

I hope you can get some sleep! I'm sure you need a little break. I hope Isabella is feeling better after this morning. We are praying for her!

Jen said...

Hang in there...both of you. I hope today goes smoothly and you'll have some time to recharge.