Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rodaniche Visit

Denice, Arcadio and Evan spent a few days with us after their Panama reunion in Orlando!  It was great catching up with them!  We went to Mote for a day and Isabella learned a lot from Arcadio and he even got her a huge shark tooth!

 Relaxing on Anna Maria Island!

One Direction!

 Isabella was invited at the last minute to go to a One Direction concert with her friend, Caity.  Because of some weird circumstances, their seats were bumped up from the lawn to the 8th row!!  AMAZING!

Trip to MD and NYC

 Jonah travelled with Bruce to MD for a work trip and visited friends and family.  Then they headed to NYC for a few days with Jonah's best friend, Payton!
 Yankee Stadium
 30 Rock

 9/11 Memorial
 The new Freedom Tower
 The Empire State Building
 Grand Central Station

 Collin, Adrienne and Matt

Jonah at Mote Aquairium

 Jonah has been volunteering at Mote Aquarium this summer and it's his dream job!  He's planning on being a marine biologist one day so he's soaking up all the information!  We've already been to the aquairium several times this summer!

Jonah is 15!

Jonah turned 15 in June and he celebrated with a trip to Busch Gardens with his friends and dinner at Chili's with the fam and friends!  Hard to believe my Spiderman loving little guy will be driving soon!