Monday, July 12, 2010

Watch Hill, Rhode Island

My good friend, Kristy and her kids spend the summer with her parents in Watch Hill, RI. Isabella and her daughter, Noel are best friends and plotted all through the spring about us coming for a visit...well, it actually happened! Isabella and I flew up for a few days and had an amazing time!

This is "the Barn" across the street from Kristy's parent's house where we all stayed...sooo cute inside and out!

The Yacht Club and downtown Watch Hill on the harbor.
Kristy's parents have a cabana on the beach and we spent most of our week enjoying the beautiful views and (chilly!) ocean waves!

Isabella with Noel and her sister, Kathryn
Who knew wet sand could provide hours of entertainment?

The hydrangeas were in full bloom in RI...sure wish they grew in Florida! They were just beautiful and I couldn't get enough pictures of them!

The Ocean House is an old hotel that was recently renovated and reopened in town. Like something from a movie set, the hotel was as incredible inside as out!

The village of Watch Hill is filled with quaint little shops...that we visited almost daily!
The Carousel is the oldest one in the United States.

Monday, July 5, 2010


The stinkin' hot Florida summers finally got to Evan and he decided to cut off his beautiful curls! Now we can see his AMAZING blue eyes! So handsome!