Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Morning Update...

Lindsey, Caity and Isabella

Yesterday Bruce, the boys and the Johnson's came by for a visit! Bruce brought a big box of goodies from the VeStrands and Isabella said it felt like for Belle and me! Thanks you guys...we miss you sooo much!
No fever last night and lots of sleep for Isabella! The whole neuro gang was in this morning, including Dr. Tuite, who decided that she needs a new brace. The orthotist will come in to look at other options, definitely something longer and taller to give her more stability. Dr. Tuite then wants to see her in a week or so. I love that he's so conservative in terms of not rushing her back to surgery for a fusion...though he did say if we're not seeing improvement in about three weeks, that's something we'll reconsider.
The orthotist came by before lunch and measured her so hopefully we'll get the new brace before noon tomorrow!

Isabella and nurse Jane

Nurse Caroline was with Isabella for three nights


Jen said...

So glad the package was a hit! Hope all that chocolate helps you survive your last night in the hospital!!! We miss you too!