Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Visit from Tucker...

This afternoon, Isabella got a visit from Tucker, a therapy dog who regularly visits the kids at All Childrens. Tucker was dying to jump on Isabella's bed and chill but she was feeling pretty yucky so he was content to get some love while sitting next to her bed.

Isabella has had a rough day and the doctors told us that today would be all about pain management. She had an xray with her brace on then went for an MRI, which she had while sedated which was good. She had a visit from Pastor Jason, who brought her a big bag filled with her favorite snacks and art supplies! She's fast asleep now while we wait to get transferred out of ICU, but unfortunately they're pretty full on the med/surg floor so we won't be in a two person room...we might be in a room with three other patients. Have a feeling it will be a long night!


The Hills said...

Still praying! How's her fever doing? We have our Young Life kids coming over tonight and will all pray together! peace-and a good night's sleep for all the Ferbers! ~the Hills

Sandy said...

It sounds like Isabella is a strong young lady and will have the will and perseverance to get through this. She is lucky to have such an amazing family!! Lots of prayers and good wishes!!