Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Update...

Isabella with Elias, Dr. Tuite's resident...Isabella thought it was very cool when Elias told her he played James in the play James and the Giant Peach when he was younger (she was watching it when he came in this morning!)
Isabella with Heather and Devin, two of her neurology Physician Assistants...I think they might be in one of Collin's science classes??

Hard to believe that Isabella's surgery was a week ago today. I'm still in kind of a fog and last night isn't helping much. When we went to bed, we were the only ones in the room, but by 2:00 AM, three new (noisey!) patients moved in. Around 3:00, Isabella was itching like crazy at her incision site. She still had her IV in so the nurse gave her some Benadryl through it. The IV's been in for several days so it was questionable how well it was functioning...after a few minutes, Isabella let us know that it definitely was not functioning because it was burning! So Caroline her nurse, removed the IV and gave her Vicodin and after an hour or so, we both fell asleep, cuddled on Isabella's bed.

This morning, PT came in and showed me how to do some stretching exercises for Isabella's very tight hamstrings. Isabella also walked about halfway around the unit...though she was a little wobbly, she did great and is getting much better at putting weight on her left leg. On the way back, I ran into Devin, one of the neurology PAs. He said they had just finished tumor board this morning where they discussed Isabella's case and her pathology results. They had several doctors consult on it and because they're not in agreement on the resuslts, they're sending it to St. Jude's and Johns Hopkins for a second opinion. Dr. Tuite said to call him Thursday if we don't hear from him before then. Keep those prayers coming as we try to stay positive!


Sandy said...

Isabella looks so much better. What an awesome smile!