Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Evening Update...

Isabella is settled into ICU for the night and will be here till at least tomorrow afternoon. She was really groggy and wanted a soda in the worst way when she woke up in recovery! She's on some heavy duty pain meds which is a good thing because her back is spasming uncontrollably. She's on Valium, Morphine, Tylenol with Codeine and one other pain med every three hours. She's had water, some sprite and ate a few graham crackers so she'll be ready for breakfast in the morning! The orthotist came in and measured her for the hard shell brace that she has to wear anytime she's out of bed. She ordered the multi-colored hearts version of course! Her incision looks really great, despite being at least six inches up and down. Her roommate in ICU is super sweet and no stranger to All Children's. She's 15 years old and her mom told me that her heart is completely backwards. She's had several operations and has been at All Children's over 30 times...eventually she'll need a heart transplant. Makes us count our blessings!
Speaking of blessings, thanks again for all the prayers...we've felt every single one of them! Thanks Laura for the delicious chicken noodle soup (Bruce promised to save me some!). Thanks to the Strobles, the Wilsons and the Lersch's for taking care of the boys over the last two days and to Pastor Jason for bringing Evan some Chik-Fil-A for lunch at school today...I know he LOVED that!
Now to try to catch a few hours in the most uncomfortable chair/bed ever in the coldest hospital I've ever been in!