Thursday, April 23, 2009

Isabella Has Turned A Corner!

Isabella had a long night...she was up quite a bit since she was able to go potty on her own and her pain was still pretty high. This morning she was really nauseous and not able to keep anything down. The pain management team came in and seemed to think it may have been some of her pain meds so by the afternoon, those had been changed. Her physical therapist came in around lunch time and Isabella was able to sit on the side of the bed in her brace. After a few minutes, she transferred into the bedside chair and sat there for a few hours! It was pretty uncomfortable at first, but once she took her new pain meds mashed up in a popsiscle, she was feeling much better.
Bruce came by and I was able to go home, visit with the boys, take that much needed shower and even slept for about an hour!
Apparently while I was gone, fun was had by all! Isabella and Bruce played TV Bingo and she won a beat box toy, a stuffed tiger and a baby doll! She also finally ate something...a hot pretzel and an Icee, which she kept down! Then she got to watch the new, still in theatres Hannah Montana movie! How cool is that?
Isabella and her awesome surgeon, Dr. Tuite and one of his staff

The boys and our neighbor, Caitlyn came back with me to the hospital and they just left to go out to dinner at Outback with a gift card! She just ordered her dinner and is hanging out watching Suite Life on Deck. Hopefully she'll get lots of sleep tonite! Everyone else in our quad room went home today and a new, sweet little toddler moved into the bed next to her.The plan for tomorrow is for PT to come back and get her walking!
Isabella with her ICU nurses, Steph and Michelle (the Mandy Moore look-alike!)

Caitlyn, Isabella and the boys


Jen said...

YEAH!!!!! So glad to hear she had a better day. Hope you both have a good night's sleep. We are praying! Love to all of you!