Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday Morning...

Isabella had a great night and only woke up to take her meds. This morning, PT came by and she walked pretty far with help from me and the therapist. She's still having pain when she walks and is hesitant to put much weight on her left leg, but she's improving every day! She's also started to eat a bit more and is just now finishing up her chicken tenders and cherry Icee! The doctors came in this morning and are very happy with her long as she continues to walk this afternoon and at some point soon has some movement (if you know what I mean!) then she'll get to home on Sunday!

Our friends, the Johnsons came by today. Laurie, Caity and Lindsey stopped in for a little while on their way to Siesta Fiesta in Sarasota. John and Jordan are going on the boat with Bruce and the boys to fish and go tubing! It was so great to see Isabella chatting and laughing with her friends!


Jen said...

GO, Isabella, GO!! (If you know what I mean!! wink wink) Can't wait to hear that you've been able to go home. We love you!