Friday, October 3, 2008

Christmas Tree Shopping...

We're thinking of switching to an artificial pre-lit tree this year...but the choices are ENDLESS! I'd like a traditional, looks like it came from the forest tree with a not so perfect shape, but that doesn't really help me narrow down my choices! Some of the endless variables include, height, number of branch tips (wonder who gets the job of counting those!), number of lights, LED lights, star lights, color or white lights, type of assembly ...not to mention PRICE! Looks like you can get a 7.5' tree from anywhere between $200 to $2,000! Sheesh! I'll welcome any and all suggestions and opinions on this one! I think it might be easier to choose one of these!

Hey it's a Rock the Vote tree!

Isabella and I will totally get this tree to go in our PINK house that we dream about!
This one is kind of can put this "Black Tiger" tree up at the beginning of October and leave it up until after Christmas!

This just might be my favorite!



Because I have nothing else to do with that extra $6,000 I have in the bank...I can get this lovely 25 FOOTER!

And if this isn't enough tree craziness for you... check out this funky tree-palooza!


Amy said...

I've enjoyed my fake tree. I think its called a downswept Colorado Pine. It looks realistic enough for me.

Hope you have a good trip up here and a great time at the retreat. I'm so sad that I won't be there with you all this year. Maybe I'll see you around while you're up here anyway? Not sure how long you're staying.

I like your new background!

Moi said...

we got ours from home depot a few years ago maybe for a couple hundred. Its pre-lit and we are really happy with it. I miss the smell of real trees from growing up - but I married a fire fighter and he would never do a real tree!

go for the pink one! (wink)

Spice said...

Hi from a fellow Floridian! Found your blog from Blog Around the World. We moved here to Tampa from NJ 3 years ago and are loving the Gulf too. :)

Leslie said...

We just bought our first fake tree. Actually last year, after Christmas had past. We bought it at Dillards, for 75% off. We got a pretty nice pre-lit 6.5 footer for 50 bucks! So, if you are wanting a better price, Dillards usually has quite a bit of stock leftover after the holidays. Otherwise, we found some pretty good deals on trees on Black Friday. Just thought I'd share! ;)

CaraBee said...

My husband laid down the law last year that there would be no more real trees in our house. Something about real ones not being eco-friendly. Pshaw, I say, it's not Christmas without that yummy smell. I did some research and was astounded at the variety and cost of trees. In the end, we inherited one from my in-laws, but I'd like to get a nice one sometime. I don't think it will be pink, though. Or a flag.

Monica said...

I vote you go for the Palm tree look!!!

Kathi said...

We got a fake prelit tree from Costco that lasted 5 years. It was 7.5 feet tall and only cost $125...on sale in December. It probably would've lasted longer but some of the branches got crushed in our last move (to MD) so we finally decided to toss it & go back to real last year. I LOVED ur $ and go one will know.

Also, I vote for the palm tree...u r in FL afterall. If not inside..then definitely put lights on one of ur outside trees. Can't wait to see what u decide!!