Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Kitchen...and Family Room

So here's my kitchen! The colors were almost exactly what we had in MD, more golden than the pics show, so that made decorating easy! The ceilings are ridiculously high in this house so there is lots of (useless) extra space to decorate. Not crazy about the appliances...the oven is gas, which I'm getting used to and the fridge is way too small and side by side, which makes it even worse! They're all only a few years old so I can definitely live with them for now! The countertop is Corian...very nice...but I miss my granite, which I only got to enjoy for a few months in the old house. We added the brushed nickel hardware on the cabinets and drawers and switched out the faucet.

I ordered these kitchen chairs (seperate from the table) about a month before we moved so it took six months to finally get them...but they were worth the wait! The leather seats are huge and very comfy! It's such an awesome view from the table and when the weather cools off, we open up all the sliders and let the breeze in! I should have taken a closer picture of the side table in the background...I've had it forever but it was just pine. So about a month ago, I took my trusty can of black spray paint and voila! table!
I was totally stressing about where I was going to put all my scrapbooks and supplies since I had a beautiful library (my scrapbooking room!) in the old house...but, since I've gone digital with my scrapbooking, I picked up these Pottery Barn-ish-but-much-cheaper-from-JCP bookshelves and they're perfect for the space!
This is the view from my kitchen...tried to get one so you could see my view of the lake through the lanai. It's really pretty (bright today!) and it's what sold us on the house!


CaraBee said...

I am totally coveting all of your cabinets in your kitchen. Our kitchen, though a decent size, is sadly lacking in the storage department. I wish I had noticed that before we bought it. Harrumph.

Steph said...

lots of those cabinets are empty...cuz I can't reach them!

Kathi said...

beautiful!! I have the very same JCP bookshelves...crazy. Yea for Pottery Barn knock-offs!

Moi said...

very pretty kitchen and I love the chairs! I am green with envy over the view!

Laurel said...

Pretty house, and that is some view! I have to tell you that I really got a kick out of your halloween post. It's so funny to imagine explaining some our wacky traditions, isn't it??

And believe it or not--way back in the 70's my mom and dad had a pink, flocked Christmas tree. When I saw that one on your post, I laughed out loud! It went great with our wicked bright pink carpet. No joke!

Melissa said...

Hey Steph, where did you get that clock that looks like it might be wrought-iron or some such thing? I've been looking for a clock for our living room, but haven't found anything I like enough.



Steph said...
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Steph said...

I got it at JCP online and it was in their outlet for the longest time but it's not there anymore... search keyword Newton Clock and there's one that's very similar.