Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Halloween 08 was a success! Not nearly as many trick or treaters as we anticipated, but I think it's because our street is just one loop that doesn't connect to any other streets in the neighborhood....which is ok by me! I'll save money on candy next year for sure! Other streets in the neighborhood were loaded with kids when I drove Jonah's friend home to his house! It was about 70 degrees tonite...perfect for us, but everyone else thought it was a chilly Halloween! Either way, I still got bug bites...a first for me on October 31st! All in all, it was a perfect Halloween...only thing missing? The VeStrands (our best friends, who have trick or treated with us for the last many years!)

The cutest witch ever! About halfway through, she decided to ditch the hat and be a Halloween ballerina instead!

Evan was a "motorcycle dude" who's seen more than his share of pavement...

as evidenced below!

Jonah was going to help Bruce pass out candy, but a friend of the neighbor across the street said he could borrow his Jonah grabbed a pillowcase and started his candy haul!

This was Bruce's Halloween throne, complete with fog machine


Jen said...

We missed you guys TOO! Halloween wasn't the same without our usual trek around Leafy Hollow Circle! Miss you alL!

CaraBee said...

Great costumes! That "wound" is freaky! We had NO trick-or-treaters at our house last night. Which means we now have three bags of candy to eat. Sigh.

Steph said...

that's so weird!! I bought way too much candy....thinking about returning it...can you even do that?

Kathi said...

Love it!!! 70 degrees! That sounds wonderful!!!!! What are those crazy floridians thinking???

You ladies will be shocked to hear that in a 2 hour time span we had 500 trick or treaters!!!! Our neighborhood it the "it" neighborhood....people pull up by the carloads to trick or treat here!!! At 8 PM, I was out of candy and turned off our lights!