Saturday, August 9, 2008

Holden Beach...Day 1

We're finally here! We left yesterday and drove for about eight and a half hours to Santee, SC where we spent the night, then we drove the rest of the way, less than three hours to Holden Beach today. The drive heading north on 95 is so much easier than the drive going south...there was virtually no traffic! The kids were awesome and we had hardly any squabbles or complaints so I think we'll attempt the trip home in one day instead of two.
We always get such a feeling of peace as we drive across the causeway and bridge onto Holden Beach, especially when we take in that first glimpse of the ocean! The weather was perfect today and after the requisite trip to the grocery store and pizza for dinner, we headed out to the beach this evening. The lighting was amazing as dusk approached and I just couldn't stop snapping here are a few for you to enjoy! My old friend (well she's not old but I've known her for a long time!) Lolli got here around the same time as we did and the older kids got here around supper time so we've got a full house!

Jonah and Chelsea
Evan was not interested in having his picture taken!

Lolli and Steph


Jen said...

What a great pic of Bruce and Bella! It's beautiful as always. Have a great week! Wish we could share some hush puppies!