Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School...

Yesterday was the kids' first day of school...and of course today is their first "hurricane day" (kind of like a "snow day"). Isabella, up bright and early, was a walking advertisement for Disney Channel advertising...High School Musical outfit, Camp Rock backback, Zac Effron folder, Disney Princess lunchbox! She looked so grown up that it made my heart hurt...and I told her she MUST. STOP. GROWING. NOW!! She loves her new teacher, who seems pretty awesome from what Isabella told me and Isabella was so happy to see her old friends and meet some more new ones!Jonah headed off to middle school today...with a very heavy backpack! Apparently they don't have lockers at his school, but they do get two sets of books (one for home and one to keep in the classroom) so he has to carry all his binders and supplies with him all day. Despite his nervousness, he was bubbling over with information when he got home! Really likes all his teachers, found his way around the campus without any problems, saw his old friends...I think it will be a good year!

Evan refused a picture this morning...he was a little grumpy because we couldn't (and still can't) find his new lunchbox and I couldn't get his new shoes tied just right (the skater shoes with the laces on the inside?). He really likes his teacher and has some kids in his new class from his third grade class so that made him happy! I'll try to get a picture of him later in the week.


Kathi said...

Glad to hear you guys are out of harm's way.

Those skater shoes ARE tough to tie. A couple of years ago our older kids both had those and we had to have a teenager lace them up the "cool" way for us. Both kids continually ran out of their shoes (literally), which cracked us up. They claimed it didn't bother them. Thankfully, by the next shoe shopping trip they were both over that look.

Be sure to check me out tomorrow...I'm gonna be one of the featured bloggers on Blogs Around the World!! Woo Hoo!

Under the Florida Sun said...

Hi there fellow Floridian!
Found you via the BATW blog!
And as I type this, I can see we have a mutual friend in Kathi ( we knew each other when I lived in MD).

We are still dealing with Fay over here on the east coast. Plenty of rain but no big winds.. PTL!

Darrin said...

Aw, cute lil' bag she has there! My lil one opted for the Hanna Montana bag. She also almost has the exact same pink outfit also!

Kathi said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I appreciate it.

The winner is up!