Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 3..Skim Boards, Boogie Boards and Ice Cream!

Today was all about boogie boarding (awesome waves!), mastering the skim board (Collin bought Jonah his own board and then taught him the basics and Jonah took off from there!) and ice cream at our very favorite ice cream place on the east end of the island called Sandman's. After a day on the beach, we headed out for ice cream then continued down to the east end of the island, which is sooo pretty! It was low tide so there were lots of shells and another amazing sunset!

Jonah and his friend, Matt

Jonah even figured out how to do a spin by the end of the day!

Chelsea got some very cool photos with the waterproof camera that I was never able to get before this year!

This is my favorite picture I think! Look at that concentration waiting for the perfect wave!

Youngest to Oldest

Obviously it wasn't discussed whether this would be a funny or a serious photo!

Three very relaxed people!

Evan took this picture! He has a thing about sunsets and always grabs the camera to photograph them!


Kathi said...

Great pictures, Steph.
Especially that "waiting to catch the wave picture!" That one looks like it could win a contest.
Wish I was there!!! I love the beach.