Friday, August 15, 2008

Heading Home...

Sorry I have no original pictures to share from the rest of our week, but I did something to my camera and of course, didn't bring a spare. I think I took enough the first part of the week though! Yesterday we drove to Myrtle Beach Airport in the morning to drop Chelsea off for her flight back to school in CA. We probably won't see her until Christmas, but she was really anxious to get back to see her friends at Biola. The rest of the day on the beach was beautiful and last night we headed up to the Pier. Ten years ago, when we first started coming to HB, it was 25 cents a person to go out on the it's a dollar a person. Still not much, but it's funny how things change! We saw LOTS of jelly fish from the end of the pier, which is something we rarely (and I mean once in ten years) see here. Even the neighbor's daughter was stung earlier in the week, though we didn't see any when we were swimming, only from the pier. A lot of the fisherman were also catching quite a few small sharks, which is always a little unsettling!

Our last day at the beach today was sunny and breezy! Jonah and Evan played volleyball, kickball and baseball on the beach with the group of families and their kids next door. Also got in lots of skim boarding and swimming too. Isabella is a pro at jumping even the big waves now without holding our hand, but she still wants us out there with her. She and I went searching for shells and tried catching fish with the nets with zero success...we'll leave that to Collin and Evan who are the real professionals!

So we leave in the morning and have decided to drive straight through to FL, instead of spending the night halfway...we'll see how that goes! It was a pretty easy drive up and we're hoping it will be the same on the way home. It'll be nice for the kids to have a whole day to do whatever they want before they start school on Monday. Isabella CAN.NOT.WAIT for first grade to start...Evan thinks he's going to be sent back to third grade...and Jonah is pretty much terrified to head to middle school.


Rachel said...

Im a FL blogger tooo :) nice to meet you

Colleen said...

Hope you have a safe drive back! We can't wait to see you guys!