Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Family Photo Session

Lolli has an amazing camera so we took advantage of her being here and the first time in a long time that our whole family was together to take some family photos! Do you have any idea how hard it is to get NINE people looking pretty good ALL AT THE SAME time?? Despite the overcast sky (we had to do the pics Tuesday night because it's supposed to rain all day on Wednesday and Chelsea leaves for CA on Thursday) ...130 shots later...I think we got a few!

Our tribute to High School Musical! Not surprisingly, the older boys were not cooperative!

Lolli left this morning to head back to MD and Iwas very sad to see her go. I've known Lolli for almosts thirteen years and we share quite a few memories together! We met when we were both Creative Memories consultants (she still is!) and through the years became best friends! She and her family have vacationed at Holden Beach the same week as us for several years in a row and many times, that was the only time I had seen her for the whole year, especially after we moved from Gaithersburg to Mt. Airy. This week she taught me how to use Storybook Creator and I taught her how to get a blog up and running...check hers out at Lolli Logic! Hopefully she and her family will be able to visit us in FL soon!


Jen said...

These are GREAT pics! I want some copies! Miss you guys terribly! Wish you were here to help me survive the big bash today....

Lolli said...

Stephanie - you're my blog hero! I've decided to make my commitment to update my blog once per week. I drove home today and away from the rain. It is sooo weird to not have as many people around and the hub bub I grew accustomed to with your family. It's actually a bit too quiet now. Thanks for the relaxing weekend and enjoy the 130 photos that we took in only 25 minutes! It was a blast! Lol

Justine said...

Hi there! I found you through Blog Around the World (Florida!) and just looked through you latest vacation post. Wow, what a GORGEOUS family! SEVEN kids and you look like THAT? Oh my, am I ever envious! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!!!!!!!!!

Justine :o )