Monday, June 9, 2008

A Visit to MD

Just got back last night from a visit to MD. We went to Collin's graduation from high school and he graduated with honors! He's taller than me now and we're so proud of him that he finished the year so well. We went to the kids' elementary school and they saw all their friends...they were like rock stars when they walked into school! It was really fun for them to connect with the old neighborhood...we even went into our old house. It was practically empty since the couple who bought it have no children and moved there from an apartment. The weather was as hot as it's been in Florida! Jonah went to his 5th grade class party on Friday night and on Saturday he celebrated his 11th birthday early with his posse by playing paintball! Before we left on Sunday, we went to Lifepoint for an amazing worship service...made me very sad that we haven't found a church we love here yet. Anyway it was great to spend lots of time with good friends and hang out at some of our favorite places! Sure was nice to sleep in my own bed last night though...and wake up to mountains of laundry! The rainy season has hit hard and heavy but I love the thunderstorms we get every afternoon!

Sydney and Isabella

Payton and Jonah

Paintball Posse


Amy said...

Hey! It was great to get to see you for a few minutes at church Sunday. Glad your trip to MD was so much fun.

Jen said...

We miss you!!! Love those pictures! What happened to the Pyzam template?

Steph said...

that is a pyzam template...just a different one. the ocean one showed through on my pics.
miss you too!!