Sunday, June 1, 2008

the Good, the Bad..and the downright AMAZING

We've been calling Florida home for five weeks now and it still feels like we're on vacation! The kids have settled into their new school without missing a beat and already have friends calling and knocking at the door. I'm very impressed with Gullett Elementary and what they're doing there...and I was extremely happy with Twin Ridge ES so that's saying a lot! The neighborhood is the next best thing to Twin Ridge and our neighbors are very nice. There are already several bunco groups to choose from and a recipe club that meets once a month. Bruce and the kids all have their own fishing rods and most evenings can be found fishing in the lake behind our house (Jonah has caught a few fish!). Though we haven't seen any gators yet, geckos, frogs and armadillos are everywhere! Chelsea arrived last weekend and she and I went to the beach while the kids were in school on crazy is that? She's still searching for a job which isn't easy since the summer is the off-season here.

The Bad...we've been church hunting since we got here and it's frustrating that we haven't found a place that we really feel God is calling us to. We miss Lifepoint terribly but the kids love t he church we've been attending and Bruce and I like it so I guess Bayside is our home for now. The other bad thing is the shopping KOHLS!! Well there is one but it's 45 minutes away so in the meantime I drown my sorrows in a cream slushy here. There's a new mall being built that will open in 2010 and learning my way to Home Goods, Target and a few other places in the meantime. Thank goodness for online shopping!

Life in Florida is so different than Maryland and the beauty of this place is downright Amazing! The clouds here are just awe-inspiring...enormous and fluffy and unbelievable! We love having a pool and spend lots of time there enjoying the view of the landscape and lake behind our house. The beach, which is about 20 miles away is captivating...even the kids are fascinated by the blue/green color of the water and the powdery sand.

We miss all of our friends in MD and hopefully will get a chance to catch up with many of you when we head north for a visit next week.


jamie shipley said...

love it!


Melissa E. said...

I miss you so much!!! However, I am glad you, Bruce and the kids are acclimating so well to Florida. Please get in touch when you come up here for a visit.

Lolli said...

Big hugs to everyone - Bruce, you and the kids! Joe and I talked about you while we were at Agrodolce (yes, again!). I'm hopeful I can hook up with you while you are at Holden Beach even if it means I make a special trip myself just to see you. Lol

Jen said...

Well, it's about time friend! Welcome to blogland. We miss you and can't wait to see you this week!

ali said...

They're building a Kohls on University - just 2 exits down from you! I pass it everyday - I'll be sure to let you know when it opens. BTW - Sarasota has great shopping : ) Ali