Friday, June 27, 2008

New Friends...

The kids have made lots of new friends since we've moved to Florida, and fortunately for Bruce and me, we happen to really like their parents! So we've gotten together quite a few times to go to the beach or have dinner or whatever! These pics are from a night at the Papas when we got together for dinner, swimming and ...what else? Dress up of course! Everytime we're together, we're amazed at how well a group of eight kids ranging in age from 3-11 can play nicely for HOURS! Not complaining by any's just AMAZING...and AWESOME! We can actually have a conversation with our grown up friends! Rade and Chris Batman (cool last name huh?) have two kids Mason, who's in third grade and Pierce, who's in first grade. Colleen and John PaPa have Haley in fourth grade, Maddie is in first grade and Ella is 3.


Jen said...

You better save those pics in a safe place. Those look like some serious future blackmail material to me! :-) Glad you're having fun but we miss you here! Hope those "new friends" know how good they've got it! :-)