Monday, June 2, 2008

While the kids are away...Mama will play!

So today was the last day for me to be kidless before school lets out for I persuaded two of my new friends to come with me to the beach after we got the kids on the bus! My friend Rade (next to me) moved here in January from Wisconsin and my other friend, Colleen moved here in July from New York (that's her youngest daughter, Ella). As we sat there looking at the beautiful turquoise water and amazing beach, we kept saying that we couldn't believe we weren't on vacation....that we actually LIVE here! My next door neighbor recommended this spot on Anna Maria Island that isn't crowded, has lots of parking and has an awesome little beach restaurant on the sand! Usually the waves are pretty lame on the gulf, but apparently on this part of the beach, the waves are much bigger! We actually got knocked down twice by two huge waves! We also saw lots of fish and a few stingrays (as we were all doing the shuffle...dragging your feet along the bottom of the gulf to stir up the sand to let creatures know you're coming!) We'll definitely be going back with all the kids over the summer!

So now I have to get packing because the kids and I leave in the morning for MD...hope to see you!


Jen said...

It's beautiful but I liked that hat and swimsuit better at the good ole' Ridge Pool! :-(

Flint Family said...

So jealous! So very jealous!