Friday, June 13, 2008

A Day at the Beach!

Today Colleen, Rade, Chelsea and I took TWELVE kids to our favorite spot on Anna Maria Island...what an awesome day we had! The kids played so nicely with each other all day, the water was clear, the sky was gorgeous...a perfect day! Behind us is a little restaurant ON the sand called The Sand Bar...we go there for the Beach Fries (potatoes and skins with melted cheddar, bacon bits and sour cream!)

All morning we kept seeing these big black cloud-like things floating in the water and couldn't figure out what they were. Later, three of the girls were out floating on the raft, kinda like this...

when they all started screaming hysterically! We thought it was stingrays but it turned out that those big black clouds were actually huge schools of little bait fish! There were millions of them swimming at us and pelting our legs. It felt really creepy but they're harmless.

After lunch, the kids were back in the water with their masks on and they started finding tons of LIVE sand dollars! I've never seen a sand dollar outside of a gift shop let alone a live one in the water! They're very cool! You can see them breathing when you hold them under the surface of the water.

We thought we had pretty much hit the jackpot for the day when the kids starting finding sea urchins! Jonah and Abby, who's also from MD and was in Jonah's class at Gullett, caught eleven of them!
Chelsea got the job of taking the bucket of sea urchins waaaay out to release them and she saw a very suspicious fin which caused her to come running back in to shore! That could explain all the bait fish!

All in all it was a day that we'll all remember! Next time we're definitely taking the dads!