Saturday, July 26, 2008

Marriage Math

Given the damage that was done shopping today, I thought I'd share a post from Sue over at Happy Meals and Happy Hour! Not that I have ever done any of this stuff...but when Bruce read it, he just chuckled.

I scored lots of stuff on sale and the following is just a sample! Spent a good hour wandering the aisles and taking in the loveliness that is Kohls. Can you believe I couldn't find any fabric I liked at JoAnn etc?? At least not any fabric that I was willing to pay for! The Home Goods in Brandon ROCKS! I had to laugh at all the men (and trust me I use that term loosely...) scouring the place while on their cell phone, sharing decorating ideas with whoever was on the other end. Found a nice big palm tree that I'll show you when I finish the living room! Then it was on to Target...can we say major summer clearance ??? I have been looking since spring for new pj's and finally found a bunch...on CLEARANCE! I'm of the mind that you scoop up what you can while you can and decide what you're going to keep when you get home. Finally, I hit Marshalls and TJ Maxx but only scored some back to school essentials for the kids.

Now, on to Marriage Math...

To my husband: Nothing to see here, Honey, just us girls talking about, you know, cramps and stuff. Move along.....Look! the U.S. Open is on!

OK. This is for all the newlywed girls out there. Remember how your fiancé was all involved and excited about helping you pick out stuff to register for? That's because he was spending other people's money. Now that you're married you need to master the 3 Marriage Math Moves.

Move #1: "The Round-Down".
So, let's say you buy a rug for $179. Your husband asks how much it cost. You answer:
A) $179
B) $170
C) "about $140"

The answer is C, "about $140". He's going to get the credit card bill eventually, no need to aggravate him twice. It's all about softening the blow. Because you care.

Move #2: "The Save"
You buy a patio set for $275. Your husband asks how much it costs. You answer:
A) $275
B) $270
C) "the same set in the Pottery Barn catalog was $700 and this was only $275".

The answer is C. Shift the focus from spending money to saving money. You have just saved him $425. You are thrifty and thoughtful and you rock.

Move #3: "The Bagless Shop".
You go shopping and come home with several shopping bags of awesome stuff. You
A) Bring all the bags right in and dump them in the kitchen
B) Shout "Hey Honey! look what I got!"
C) Wait to move your purchases in until he's not around. Then dispose of the bags.

Answer: C. The "woman holding several shopping bags" visual is genetically programmed to send the male's alarm bells off. No evidence = everybody's happy.

So good luck girls, happy shopping and remember the answer to "Is that new?" is always: "This? Nah".


HappyHourSue said...

That Sue Is HILARIOUS. She should write a book. No, have her own TV show.

(how cool- I've never commented on my own post before!)

Thanks for the backlink!

Steph said...

YES SHE SHOULD!!! TV AND A BOOK! actually, BG should have his own show! love your blog sue!