Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Visit With the Butehorns!

Today we travelled about two hours south to visit our good friends from MD, the Butehorns, who were vacationing at the Pink Shell on Fort Myers Beach! Isabella and I had been to the Pink Shell about two years ago so we were anxious for the boys to see it! It POURED, I mean buckets of cats and dogs, the whole way there, but after a yummy lunch, it stopped raining so that the kids could swim in the pool and play at the beach for hours! We always have a blast with Cathy and Matt...Cathy is the friend who came with me in December to check out Manatee County and we had more fun than two moms should have! We're so glad we got to spend some time them and did our best to try to talk them into moving to the Gulf with us! The kids had a great day but seeing friends from MD is always hard for Jonah since I think he misses being there the most. So I guess more of our friends from Mt. Airy just need to come visit!

Belle and Sean

The Butehorn boys had fun playing with the underwater camera!




Ethan really does have TWO legs!

the AWESOME pool at the Pink Shell!

Me and Cathy

Isabella and Daddy

Matt always keeps us laughing!

What would a trip to the beach be without Pringles?


Debbie said...

That underwater camera is amazing...and those pink goggles...oh my...that picture is blackmail material...priceless.