Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Few Interior Pics...

Here are a few more pictures of the house...
We brought our old kitchen table, which seated all nine of us plus room for a guest. It holds lots of memories of holiday dinners, assorsted craft and science projects, struggles and successes with homework, coloring Easter eggs carving Pumpkins, and lively dinner conversation and entertainment (as one of the older girls' friends used to say,"I love eating at your's dinner and a show!) could I leave it behind? I wanted to update it a little since the shabby chic style of my house up north just didn't match the mediterranean style of this house. So I fell in love with these banana leaf chairs...much to the dismay of my husband, Chelsea, and pretty much everyone from up north who's seen them! However. everyone from here (as well as the folks at Pottery Barn, who have a page in their catalogue with a very similar table and chairs) loves it...and so do I!

One of the things we're missing in this house is the desk area in the kitchen where we had our computer, so we scoured...and I mean SCOURED the internet looking for the perfect computer armoire that would look like a piece of furniture and not a desk....but still function as a desk that would hold the computer, keyboard and printer.

The first picture shows a close up of the armoire...which has worked out perfectly! It holds everything with room to spare and the doors fold back completely on the sides when it's open!

Don't you love the FERBER sign above it? It's a two-part vinyl wall decal and that particular one I custom designed through UpperCaseLiving but decided not to hang it up until we moved into a new house. It was a bit of a challenge to put up because the walls of this house are textured, but I think it came out pretty well! This wall is in the living the right of it is the entrance to the kitchen and to the left is the dining room. Across from it is the actual living room, which is not even close to being furnished so you'll have to wait to see pics of that.

...and in case you were dying to know, the Chick-Can was a keeper!


Jen said...

LOVE the "Ferber" sign. Will keep that in mind if we ever get a "new house" too! Miss you!

.chelsea. said...

seee! that table DOES NOT match the chairs!
i loove the chairs and i love the table, but they just DONT go together, sorry :(

ps-i helped put up the ferber sign and it would be lopsided it i hadnt stepped in to help ;)