Saturday, July 19, 2008

It Starts to Feel Like Home...

...when you run into people you know! Yesterday I took the kids, along with Caitlin and her brother, Jerid to Adventure Island in Tampa and just as we got there, we ran into our realtor, Michele and her daughter, Olivia and a friend. We've run into Michele and her husband, Charlie a few times since we've been here but never an hour away from home! We ended up spending the day with them and closing the park down! Olivia is Evan's age so the kids all got along really well...and Isabella got very brave and went on lots of slides she hadn't gone on before, which was cool because then Michele and I could chat and catch up. Bruce says I always run into people I know everywhere we go (mostly true!) but it really makes it feel like we belong when it happens!

Today Bruce is taking the boys here and it looks like it will be really interesting! If you click on the link, be sure to check out the crazy sketches of the entries! Isabella and I will hang out at home since she has a birthday party later this afterrnoon. Tomorrow we're hoping to head to the beach...again...YAY!

Flugtag was a was so crowded that the boys couldn't get close enough to see anything! They drove an hour there and walked around but just couldn't see year they'll go MUCH earlier! Check back to the flugtag website I linked...they'll be posting videos and photos.

One more thing...HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY COLLIN!

Hard to believe my "little buddy" is all grown up! He just graduated from high school, is driving and working on rebuilding is truck and heading to college in the fall. Can't wait to see you at the beach Collin...WE LOVE YOU!!