Sunday, July 6, 2008

Daytona Coke Zero 400

Our new neighbor, Scott (with his son, Alex below) was kind enough to give us two free tickets to the night time race in Daytona! Since Evan's already been to a race, he offered to let Jonah go and now he's hooked too! It was about a two hour drive to the east coast. They had a great time along with GREAT seats!


Jen said...

Very cool! The VeStrand men are jealous indeed!

Debbie said...

Hi Steph! Thanks for stopping by and sharing what you did prior to being Mom. That whole conversatin has been fascinating. And I know what you mean about not wanting to go back to work...ever. I'm with ya on that. I see that you lived in Maryland? Whereabouts? I live in Northern Virginia....I just took a look at those underwater pictures. They are fantastic. Are those all your kids in the pics...They are just precious. And as for car races, I still don't get it. I shake my head at the fervor people have for it...then again, I am a huge football fan so to each his own I guess! Again, thanks for stopping by and I'll be back to check in on you.

Steph said...

hey debbie!
I used to live in Mt. Airy (between Frederick and Baltimore). I lived for several years in Sterling, VA ..that was back in the 80s when most people couldn't imagine living so far out in the middle of nowhere! I lived in Countryside when it was brand new!
Those aren't all my kids in the pics though I do have 7! Jonah, Evan and Isabella are mine and I have four older children who are out of school...Chelsea is 20 and goes to school in CA, Adrienne is 19 and lives in Ocean City,MD, Sofie is 18 and goes to school in NY and Collin is 17 and lives in Mt. Airy. I guess I should post all of that on my profile!
Nascar...yeah I don't get it either! neither did my husband for fact, we used to tease our best friends, who are HUGE Nascar fans ( turn left turn left turn left!) but my husband took my other son to race and he was hooked! I couldn't believe it! I kept saying "who are you and what have you done with my husband??" ....but it's a fun thing for him to do with my gear head sons!
thanks for visiting my blog! it's a new thing for me...I'm not a big writer but I love to take pics! isn't that underwater camera amazing?? we're having lots of fun with it!

Kathi said...

Hey Steph,
Thanks for stopping by. We all went to a Nascar race a few years ago and I was shocked, but we all LOVED it.

Love the underwater pictures too! They are great. You must be loving the pool in your yard.