Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A New Friend!

We met a family up the street who is actually newer to Florida than we are! Caitlin, who is 12 and her 15 year old brother Jerrod, just moved here from Minnesota and are the nicest kids ever! I think I may just adopt Caitlin! She's an awesome athlete so she and the boys have been playing lots of basketball, but she's also very sweet (and happens to love the Jonas Brothers as much as Isabella!) and hangs out with Belle too! Today she went to Anna Maria Island with us and as usual, another awesome day at the beach was had by all! We were sure it was going to rain before we even got there because of the big black clouds looming in the distance (it never did until we got home). When we got there, the waves were huge...I mean huger than I've ever seen on the East coast beach huge! Usually there are little or no waves on the Gulf so this was big fun! They were so big that the kids only lasted a little while because they kept getting knocked over and under! So we took a walk down the beach to collect shells (and chase birds) then had some lunch and by then the waves had calmed down quite a bit, though they were still big enough to boogie board and body surf!


Amy said...

Looks like fun!

Colleen said...

Those waves do look huge for Anna Maria! Looks like you guys had fun!

Larry Chatt said...

Awesome!! Thanks for posting and the great surfing pictures. Have you tried the surf at White avenue? That is where all the surf blogs mention to go on Anna Maria. I write an extensive blog on Anna Maria Island at if you want more information on the island. Great Stuff and it never rains in paradise...ok maybe sometimes.