Sunday, September 14, 2008

MISC MONDAY...Yearbook Photos

Bruce and I had a lot of fun with this site...and sadly, I had almost every single well as every single outfit that corresponded with the year.


This one looks like my older sister, who graduated in 1977 and had this same hair.

Oh yeah, I was totally rockin' those bangs that only came about by holding the curling iron for the precise amount of time...too long, and you had a little tootsie roll thing laying on your forehead!

This looks scarily like me in 1996...just starting to let my hair grow out and a little heavy on the highlights...I think I even had that same denim dress.


This is the most pathetic of them humiliating to admit that I did in fact have this same haircut by way of a perm gone horribly, horribly wrong. I was in college at the time and no, I did NOT think it looked good! Didn't look good then and doesn't look good now...perms should be outlawed.

Let's see...the big hair of the 80's was deperately trying to hang on, as were the remnants of a perm. Those soft, romantic sweaters (probably with some pastel argyle design) and the flat gold chains (I have a jewelry box of gold jewelry...ick...that my kids keep telling me to MAIL IN FOR CASH!) but I also opted for a strand of pearls.


Again, I look very much like my oldest sister, who graduated in 1968 ..I was just a preschooler in 66 you know!


This was way too glamorous for me in the year 2000...I was deep in the throes of raising 6 kids aged 3-17 and pregnant with my 7th way would I have had time to style my hair like that!

And finally, here's my very handsome husband...


Yeah he'd look like that...if he had hair then!1998

Ok they're kidding right??? This one is wrong...on so many levels that all I can say is that this is a pretty darn good John Travolta imitation.

Hmmm....not sure what to say...


Nice polyester shirt...stay away from open flames please!

Bruce sooooo had that hair cut!

my achey breakey....MULLETT!


Jen said...

okay I am laughing out loud! Must try this for myself. since I have so much free time righ tnow

stevewaclo said...


Thanks for taking time to post these pics:)!

What a hoot!!!

BTW, after I check you blog, I re-email myself your address so it's on top of my new mail list. Works for me!!

Love, Wint

CaraBee said...

Okay, those are absolutely hysterical! I love the ones from the 60s and 70s. Of course, the 80s and 90s are pretty funny, too. So crazy to think that those hairstyles were totally cool back then.

Steph said...

so glad I could give everyone a laugh today! I didn't even post the ones from the 50's...they were too hideous!

Colleen said...

LOL!!!! I had tears in my eyes!!

Kathi said...

Ha! I saw this on Lance's facebook... great blog post. I'm gonna have to check it out!

Laurel said...

That is hysterical! By the way, your post with all the pictures of spiders and other creepy, crawly Florida pests scared me! Although I can't talk much. Lots of us out here deal with scorpions and those are nasty little critters.