Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to School...Again

So Evan finally agreed (reluctantly!..he does actually smile!) to let me take a picture of him going back to school! He said it's so cold in school that he's been wearing jeans everyday...though he must be dying at recess because the humidity has been through the roof! Anyway, he's really enjoying his teacher and has a few friends from last year in his class. I've been encouraging him to read more, so over the summer he read Marley, A Dog Like No Other (highly recommeded! Marley and Me is the adult version, which is also a really good, quick read!) and now he's into the Bailey School Kids books. Still a gear head, Evan has been begging us to head south to Naples so he can see where they sell Bugatti Veyrons (his favorite car...ever). He'll be turning 10 in December...hard to believe!


CaraBee said...

My nephew is the same way about pictures, he wouldn't let us take a picture of him for about 6 years. He was a ham until about 8, he's 14 now and starting to like the camera again but there were a lot of photos of an unsmiling little boy in between.