Monday, September 1, 2008

MISC MONDAY...Freecycle

I heart Freecycle! Especially when we were packing up to move, I had lots of stuff that I needed to get rid of that wasn't really yard sale ready, wasn't right for Goodwill, but not quite ready for the dump. I'm sure lots of it ended up at someone else's yard sale but out of sight, out of mind! Most of the people who came by were so appreciative and I knew that in most cases, Freecycle was working the way it was designed to. I continue to get postings from Freecycle locally now that we move and so I had been planning a post about this topic for quite a while when this post showed up on my local Freecycle board...

WANTED POSTINGS: Please use this with discretion; this group is not to be confused with a personal gift registry, so don't abuse the concept by asking for 10 or 15 things at once, or something on the order of a new computer or late-model SUV,and don't offer money; however, it's fine to ask for anything, within reason, that you or someone close to you could really use.

Good for them for pointing this out because here have been some of the recent wanted posts...

working toilet, if it's working, why are you getting rid of it?

piano ...wouldn't we all like one?

stereo equipment

living room 'bout just a couch?

computer...geez at least specify a brand if you're going to ask!

surfboard ...yeah, good luck with that one!


CaraBee said...

We've used freecycle to get rid of a bunch of stuff. It really is great. We've never gotten anything from it, though. I love that someone is asking for a surfboard!

nikkicrumpet said...

I'm going to have to check out Freecycle...I guess I've been living in a cave because this is the first time I've heard of it. Thanks for the heads up!

Debbie said...

I have a cast iron sink waiting to be Freecycled..seriously!

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Leslie said...

I love freecycle too. They were/are great. I say were since I can't use it anymore.

Joy in the Burbs... said...

Hey, I signed up with Freecycle last week. I got a notice a grandmother needed a bike for her grandaughter. It had been stolen out of their yard the day before. It was such a blessing to contact her and give her my younger daughters bike. She just got a new one for her birthday. What a great way to bless others!!!! I recommend it to all.
Joy in Texas