Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our First Christmas in Florida

Our first Christmas in Florida was very fun...though a little lonely since all of our family wasn't together. We went to a beautiful service last night at church and then started a new tradition of going out for Chinese dinner...complete with PuPu platter!
This morning the kids didn't get us up too early before they went ripping into their presents! Looks like everyone was on the nice list again this year and the kids all seemed happy with their gifts!
After lunch, we headed to Anna Maria Island to start another new tradition of going to the beach on Christmas Day! It was about 81 degrees and the sky was a gorgeous blue with fluffy clouds! The water was too cold to swim today, but we spent about an hour and a half, walking along the shore, collecting shells and playing football! All in all, a perfect way to celebrate our Saviour's birth!


CaraBee said...

Sounds like a great Christmas! I love the pictures of you guys playing on the beach. Sooo jealous!

Anonymous said...

Great Pictures of the beach. There is nothing like Anna Maria Island. Next year if you can get some family to visit and you need space be sure to look up for Anna Maria Island Vacation Rentals ... It can be a tough sell for Northerners, low 80's, that is almost too warm. Thanks for sharing!

Moi said...

I love new traditions. Going to the beach sounds great! Love the Santa hat! I was in the cold midwest on Christmas and def wishing I was home in FL! Id love to see the non red eye pics you did - i was way too lazy!

Jen said...

Christmas on the beach....awww. Have I mentioned how jealous I am?