Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas In Florida!

I've been without a camera for a loong while, that's why there haven't been any underwater camera is back for repairs for a third time (it froze on Evan's birthday and my other camera has mysteriously disappeared!). I bought another camera (hoping the missing one would suddenly turn up!) for the holidays and tonite was the first time I used it...but I forgot to put the memory card in so I was only able to take a whole five pictures!
Tonite we went to Christmas on Main Street! As we were walking in, we ran into the Big Guy in Red himself, who was just strolling down the sidewalk alone so we got a picture with no waiting! There was an awesome ice skating rink set up...actually it was some kind of plastic that you skated on with special skates, that looked and felt like real ice skates! Jonah and Caitlin loved it! We also saw an awesome model train display, which brought back memories of taking the older kids to see the display at Farmer Fulks, when we lived in Gaithersburg, MD. Then the kids spotted...SNOW! There was an actual hill with snow on it and the kids got to sled down it on a tube! What fun! Jonah was very homesick for Maryland when he saw it and at first, he didn't even want to sled down it because it would "make him miss MD too much"...but he couldn't resist and I think he's glad he did it! We also watched the dance team from the kids' elementary school perform, ate Christmas cookies, saw the huge tree lighting and wandered through the shops on Main Street while drinking hot chocolate...because you know, it was cold! It was 59 degrees! It was pretty funny to see everyone in sweaters and scarves...Isabella even had on her hat and gloves and I had on my winter coat! Guess our blood is thinning already!

You can't really tell from this picture how beautiful the palm trees look with all the lights on them!