Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Creek...

When we lived in MD, the boys spent lots of time in the woods behind our house, playing in the stream and exploring the forest. After moving here, they traded in the woods for a creepy creek behind Jonah's friend, Ben's house! It seriously looks like a movie set...water the color of dark tea, spanish moss hanging everywhere...Ben's dad said it reminds him of Huck Finn. I try not to think about the creatures lurking in the water there ...the ginormous catfish, small gators, snakes and more snakes. The boys spend hours there fishing, building stuff and jumping off the side into the water. They built the dock you see in the picture and have hung ropes from the trees so they can swing into the water.

They come home stinky as all get out (usually Ben's mom lines them up against the house and hoses them down!), but the memories they're making are something I'm not willing to interfere with. What I do worry about is the two of them ending up on an episode of Monsters Within Me...or on the nightly news.


Laurel said...

Oh, mercy! I was just thinking about the gators and then you said it. I don't think I could swim in those waters. Yikes!