Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School...

Jonah headed back to middle school in the 7th grade...a year I so wish that all of my children could completely SKIP!
It's hardest for me to believe that Evan is in the 5th grade! How did that happen? He was sooo excited to have lots of his friends transferred into a new group with him (since at his school, they have the same teachers for three years). And in case you were wondering? He most certainly did get a back to school haircut just last week!
And finally, Isabella went into 2nd grade at a brand new school this year...fortunately Evan already goes to that school too! She was excited to see a few friends from her old elementary school had transferred there as well! It was a tough day for both of us since she hasn't been in school since March, before her spinal tumor surgery, but we both did just fine!
After the kids got to school, Bruce and I packed up the dogs and spent the day on the boat...ALONE! It wa a perfect day on the bay, just cruising around looking for dolphins and stopping for lunch in Gulfport. The dogs seem to really love the boat except for when it's choppy (they jump into Bruce's lap) or if Gracie gets splashed by the spray and she runs to the back of the boat! We've decided that we'll do this again at least once a month!


Laurel said...

Man, out on the boat, just the two of you? Sounds like heaven! And regarding the 7th grade: I taught that grade for a few years. Despite the fact that I didn't even like myself in 7th grade, there are some nice ones. Hope he bumps into lots of those.