Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Doubt...

My good friend, Cathy came to visit this week! We spent lots of time at the beach and on Tuesday night, we went to see No Doubt in Tampa! Cathy is a die hard fan not so much...but they put on an amazing show and I knew lots of the songs! Paramore opened for them which was very cool because I know Chelsea LOVES them and their lead singer is married to the lead singer of a band Bruce had signed to his record label a few years ago. Chelsea has met her several times and they were recently at my nephew's wedding...but I digress.

Cathy and I always have a great time together (she came to FL with a year ago to check out the area and find a house!). She makes me laugh...a lot...and we're never lacking for good, albeit inappropriately juvenile and silly, conversation! Love ya Cat! Can't wait till YOU and Matt and the boys move here!
We had dinner at our favorite biker bar on the river, Woody's the first night Cathy got here.
Eventually the amphitheatre was filled with a sold out crowd!Cathy waiting not so patiently for someone to come and wipe up the HUGE load of bird poop from her seat!
While we waited for the concert to begin, a very windy thunderstorm let loose and blew rain in all sides of the theater totally soaking us...thank goodness it stopped before the concert started! Aren't we lovely? Between wet head and Cathy's sunburn, we make quite the pair!


.chelsea. said...

you're right i do love paramore and i have met them before...but it's different band that your thinking of.flyleaf is the name of the band whose lead singer is married to drews friend.