Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Our Furry Family Is Growing!

I think I've mentioned before that I'm volunteering with a dog rescue here in Florida since we adopted Cooper over Labor Day. We've had several dogs in and out of our house over the past few months, which the kids have really loved! Harley just rolls his eyes at us like "are you kidding me?? another one??" and Cooper loves getting new playmates! So we decided that we really wanted to get Cooper a buddy...Cooper and Harley are definitely pals, but at 14, Harley just isn't up for the reindeer games anymore. We brought Gracie home over the weekend and just fell in love with her! She's a 10 month old, Yorkie mix. She loves to play with Cooper, but she's so much calmer than he is. We'll be posting more pics!


.chelsea. said...

oooooooh man! my babies look so grown up. it's killlllling me!
stop feeding them, whatever it takes, we must slow the growth!
can't wait for spring break!
love you

CaraBee said...

We had a West Highland Whitie, Mac, when I was a kid. Congrats on the new addition!!

Jen said...

Does the phrase "crazy dog woman" mean anything to you!??! :-)

Kathi said...

Aww! So sweet!! Can you find me a dog??

Moi said...

what a sweet puppy! We have decided we are going to get our little Harley (yorkie) a friend this summer or near then!