Monday, November 24, 2008

The Dogs...

Evan has been taking lots of pictures of everything lately, so I wanted to share some of the pics he's taken of our awesome dogs with you!

We've had Harley for a long time...he's about 14 years old and still the best dog in the world! He's so friendly with everyone and is very faithful! We were a little worried about moving him so far away from what he was used to, but he did great on the trip down in the car with Jonah and Bruce and he seems to love Florida as much as we do! He especially loves rolling around in the warm grass out in the yard! If I don't keep a close eye on him, he's been know to even go and take a dip in the lake behind our house! He doesn't seem to like the pool, although one day last week I think he was walking around the edge where one side is pretty narrow... and I think he may have tumbled in. I looked out on the lanai and saw him shaking and water flying...but his head was totally dry! At least I know he's a good swimmer!
Harley is so patient with Cooper...well pretty patient! Cooper tries his hardest to get Harley to play with him, but he will have none of it! He barks at Cooper and eventually chases him a few steps, but then Cooper gives up.
We rescued Cooper over Labor Day weekend and he is so much fun! Because he's only about 2 years old, he's still very playful, but also loves to sit on my lap or at my feet. He especially loves to go in the car with us and hang his head out the window with his fur blowing in the wind! You've probably seen some pictures from past blogs that he loves to be in the pool! We were pretty sure that the novelty of a new dog would wear off after a few days, but surprisingly, the kids still fight over who's going to hold him and play with him!
This is how Bruce and Cooper spend Sunday afternoons...watching football!
Cooper tries his hardest to dig through the glass to get inside to be with his people!


CaraBee said...

Too cute! I miss having a dog. Someday soon, I hope.

Jen said...

Can't you clone him for the VeStrands???!?!?!