Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Day at the Beach...and Fun with Seaweed!

The kids were home from school today so we took advantage of a beautiful day and headed to Manasota beach! Even after living here for six months, it still takes my breath away to walk over the dunes and see the gorgeous water of the gulf!
We went with Jonah's friend Ben, his mom, Lindsey and his sister, Katie. We spent lots of time searching through the beach full of shells looking for shark teeth and found quite a few, though it took a little longer than usual. Lindsey's friend Sharon and her daughter, Becky joined us and all of the kids had a great time!

Me with Sharon and Lindsey

Isabella and Katie

Katie, Isabella and Becky

The beach was covered with shells today!

The kids entertained themselves for hours...who knew seaweed could be so much fun??! Nice mohawks huh??


Puberty is juuuust around the corner!

The boys found a pretty big crab that kept them busy for quite a while...they even took him for a ride on the boogie board!


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Sure have some funny kids there. Looks like you all had a fun time at the beach...aka "the best place in the world to be"

CaraBee said...

That beach looks absolutely divine. On this chilly fall afternoon, I could go for a little sunbathing. That seaweed totally creeps me out. Ew.

Steph said...

normally creeps me out too! but that stuff isn't slimy at all and wasn't all over the place like you would expect...and the kids could care less!